Transport and Directions to and from Antananarivo Airport

Antananarivo Airport or Ivato Airport represents the main airport in Madagascar, being the hub for Air Madagascar actually. It is located approximately 16 kilometers away from the city centre but it’s easy to get there by bus or taxi.

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Antananarivo by Taxi

From the airport to the city centre you can take a chartered taxi but it’s much more expensive than other means of transportation.

For example, a ride from the airport to the city is priced around 30,000 Ar (188 USD) during the day and it gets even more expensive, such as 40,000 Ar (250 USD) during the night.

According to, it’s better to take the taxi from the parking lot because the other ones have the same prices regardless of where in the city you have to travel to.

Travelling by car


Map of Madagascar | Image Source: Madagascar Usaid Gov

There are several car rental companies in Antananarivo and you just have to get in contact with them prior to your arrival there. You need to select the pick-up and drop-off locations and dates and your car will be ready for you.

Some of the car rental companies that you can turn to in Antananarivo are represented by Expedia, Europcar and Sixt, each of them having official websites and contact information that you can use if you are planning on travelling around Antananarivo by car.

Public Transport

Travelling by Taxi

One of the cheapest options when it comes to transportation to Antananarivo from the airport is represented by Taxi-brousse which is actually mini buses that are all recognizable because they come under a white colour. Even though they are usually crowded and they have a lot of stops on the way, the price for a ride into the city is around 400 Ar (2.5 USD).

Travelling by Bus

On the other hand, there is also a shuttle bus and the company who runs it is ADEMA. The great thing about this transport option is that the schedule of the shuttle bus matches the one of the flights, both arrivals and departures.

This is considered to be the best choice in terms of safety and prices. The cost for a ride depends on where in the city you are going but it varies between 5000 Ar (31 USD) and 13000 Ar (81 USD).