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The accommodation in Antananarivo is wide and versatile and you can find several deals if you book your staying a while before your scheduled arrival there.

You can either book a hotel that is close to the airport so that you won’t have to travel with your luggage but there are several great hotels in the city of Antananarivo and Madagascar as well. It’s all up to you.

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Antananarivo Airport Hotels

Les Hautes Terres Hotel

Les Hautes Terres HotelThis hotel is probably the closest one to the Antananarivo Airport there is, being less than 3 km away from it. It provides guests with 35 rooms and each of them has free Wi-Fi access. The breakfast is upon choice, between continental and American.

Pk 12 Rte Aéroport Ivato, 105 Ivato

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Tana Hotel

TANA HotelThis hotel is close to the city centre, just 5 minutes of walking away from the Presidential Palace. It is also quite close to the airport, at a distance of 8 km. There are 31 rooms and in every individual one there is a free Wi-Fi connection.

4 rue Rabehevitra Immeuble Fumarolli, 101 Antananarivo

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Le Pavillon de l’Emyrne

madagascar hotelThis hotel is only 8.4 miles away from Antananarivo Airport, being a great accommodation for tourists thanks to the high quality facilities provided. There is free Wi-Fi access in every room and a fax service as well. You can book one of the 12 rooms or 1 apartment available.

12, rue Rakotonirina Stanislas – Isoraka, ntananarivo 12043 , Madagascar

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Other Hotels near Antananarivo Airport

airport-hotelsThere are 12 hotels
providers near the airport.

From High end To Budget Hotels.

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